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The brand Origine bases its identity on creativity, research and innovation. Origine Helmets are produced using the latest technology, providing the customer the opportunity to wear a product specially designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort. The Italian design of our brand was born in our Style Centre, continuously attentive to the latest trends, but also always focusing on the past to keep a kind of a custom taste. With a wide range of products, we want to satisfy each customer’s demands depending on the type of the rider he represents. Our helmets are able to arouse emotions, bring out the personality of those who choose them, and perfectly marry with any type of motorcycle.

H&H Style Center was born in 2011 from the necessity to develop technology and esthetic with Italian design. Our skilled Team is joined from the passion to develop on the market a product which satisfies the necessity of today motorcyclists. Our products are designed by a team of expert designers whose education is recognized at European level. In addition to their scholastic preparation, they have years of professional experience in the sport industry. Our designers can offer efficient designs for every kind of consumers with an innovative technology of high level quality. The surplus value of the Style Center is the ability to create avant-garde products; designers put a specific devotion to the details thanks to stylistic attention and essential research on motorcycle sector’s trend. The prototypes born from the development of design projects and innovative technology and each of them is rigorously controlled and homologated by the different international Institutes.

All Origine helmets respect the most stringent and modern European standard of Certification. As a matter of fact, they are certified by the directive of Certification ECE 22-05. The tests are performed by TUV institutes in Germany (E1) , IDIADA in Spain (E9) and OMEGA in Italy (E11). This specific homologation has two fundamental tests: TEST OF REMOVE, it measures the value of rotation of the helmets during the crash test. TEST OF IMPACT, it measures the ability to absorb shocks thanks to the registration of the impact during the crash test. The symbol of certification is a circle, within there is the letter E followed by a number. The number is necessary to identify which Country has released the homologation (1=Germany, 2=France, 3=Italy, 4= Holland…). The first series of numbers “051598” corresponds to the certification details; the first two numbers”05” indicate the series of amendments to Regulations 22 under which the helmet homologation has been issued. The following letter identifies the kind of protection of the helmet: “J” if the helmet has not jaw protection; “P” if the helmet has a jaw protection; “NP” if the helmet has a jaw protection which is also protective. The second series of numbers 001000 refers to the production number.

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