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FREE Shipping on orders over R2000!
FREE Shipping on orders over R2000!

Guardian Angel - Motorcycle Tracking Device

Max Inc is an authorised Guardian Angel device installation centre. Currently the most advance motorcycle tracker on the market, developed in South Africa. Max-inc was part of the development process and we are proud to now introduce this system to you.



Guardian Angel is a motorcycle anti-theft, tracking and emergency support app designed specifically for riders and owners of motorcycles.  It is based on existing, tried and tested technology that has been used for the past eighteen years in South Africa to protect, track and support vehicles, individuals and property.  

By combining the experience and proven track-record of technology together with a small, yet effective tracking device, Guardian Angel provides a seamless package to bikers.  The 'heart' of the system is the tracking system which has been developed locally and is based on the latest GSM cellphone systems. This system - a small and easily hidden transmitter, is attached to the motorcycle, and immediately after activation by the installer, it connects to the 24/7 control room and your cover starts.  Installation is simple and can be done either at home or by your usual bike technician.

Your bike is now protected by a 'vibration mode' that lets you know your bike has been disturbed, or the GeoFence Alert that warns when your bike is moved.

  You immediately get a notification through the app on your phone, allowing you to verify the alert and to either cancel or escalate for action.  What makes Guardian Angel different from other systems is the automatic GeoFence system that protects your bike anywhere away from your home.  So wherever you stop or overnight, it creates a Geofence around the bike, allowing you to enjoy yourself without worrying about the bike.



In the event of an accident, the telemetry in the tracking unit immediately recognises a 'biker down' situation, and the control room receives the signal.  They then activate the emergency protocol by first phoning you to see whether this is an accident or just an accidental fall-over.  If you don't respond, the emergency facilities closest to your location are dispatched without you needing to do anything.  An important feature of this app is that the control centre can remotely activate your phone to hear what is happening and record or talk to you through the speaker facility, allowing you to communicate even when you cant reach your phone.

Guardian Angel ensures that you receive the best medical attention by dispatching a private ambulance to transfer you to the nearest private hospital or medical facility. Your medical aid is notified and all pre-authorisations are obtained and given to the facility before you even arrive, saving valuable time.  Those without medical aid have an optional benefit of One Hundred Thousand ZAR accident emergency cover.  Your bike is also taken care of through your roadside assist plan or our optional benefit, ensuring that it is transported to a safe location while you make arrangements to get it home.

Unique to the Guardian Angel system is the extended emergency service that takes care of any off-bike emergencies such as robbery, assault, medical emergencies or theft involving you or your family.  By simply activating the emergency facility on your phone, our control team take-over and alert the necessary police, neighbourhood watch or emergency teams closest to you while all the time, listening in to gather evidence for later prosecution. Our accident insurance partner offers a wide range of optional plans to suit your needs, so take advantage of the rates guaranteed by Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel

Your Safety - Our Commitment

When you subscribe to our service, we gather all of your personal information and details of your medical cover (where applicable) so that in an emergency, all of this information is available to first-responders and the hospital that you are admitted to.¬† Because we believe you deserve the best possible chance, we further provide accident cover, so you can get on with recovering without worry.¬† There are no hidden costs ‚Äď just a single monthly subscription that covers all your needs.

Guardian Angel is unlike any other motorcycle recovery and emergency service you have seen.  Our partners from the medical, law-enforcement and insurance sectors are unrivaled and our technology offers world-class solutions not available from others in the industry.

So, if you love riding your motorcycle as much as we do, why not get the best cover available to ensure you continue to enjoy the freedom of riding.

You've probably never heard about us...

..but Trackbox Technologies - our service and technology partner, has been around for eighteen years.  Together with their allies - including SNIPR and VCAT, Trackbox has been actively building a superior crime-fighting network of nearly 900 emergency response and prevention centres (ERPC's) across southern Africa.  The network offers instant access to a national 24/7 emergency response centre that immediately locates you and your bike; opens a case file and intelligently activates and manages whatever intervention your emergency requires.

Our service is powered by state-of-the-art Tracvia security technologies, giving you peace-of-mind and guaranteeing always to being in contact with our call centre.

Together with the Police, other security organisations and emergency service providers over the past year, Trackbox managed to:

  • track and recover 400 stolen vehicles;

  • identify and track over 300 vehicles on the 'wanted' list;

  • identify and apprehend 2600 criminals;¬†

  • locate 55 missing persons;

  • manage over 30 000 incidents;

  • respond to 4527 medical emergencies;

  • assist and respond to over 1000 breakdowns and tow-ins;

  • record in excess of 2000 motor vehicle accidents; and¬†

  • recover goods in excess of 800 million Rands.

With over 60% of all emergencies and calls for assistance coming from the on-board tracking device and app, we are confident that Guardian Angel provides a superior solution to theft, tracing and emergency support for bikers.

Guardian Angel Packages

Because we know that every rider has different needs, we have developed a selection of monthly packages to suit your specific requirement. As they can be further personalised, these prices are a guide and all are exclusive of VAT.

The cost of a unit installed at Max-Inc is R1899 ex VAT

We can install the unit while you wait. To make a booking please email or call us on 011 955 1328

Guardian Angel Packages