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FREE Shipping on orders over R2000!

Acewell CA085-5XX Speedo

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Acewell 95mm Tachometer 12000rpm Black Face Digital Speedo Plastic Chrome Plated Bezel

The Acewell CA085-5XX series of digital motorcycle speedometers combine the benefits of modern digital technology with a traditional analogue needle.

This unit comes with a black body, chrome bezel and black face.


    • Needle speedometer / rev counter options
    • Needle Primary scale in white print and illuminates in deep blue
    • Digital speedometer up to  399.9 km/h
    • 2 trip meters TRIP 1 + 2
    • Odometer (Total mileage)
    • Digital tachometer display to 19,900 RPM
    • Display average and maximum speeds
    • Display maximum RPM
    • Digital Temperature gauge and max temperature display (C/F)
    • Clock
    • Voltmeter
    • Odometer
    • Engine hour meter
    • LCD adjustable back light colour (3 levels of red, green, blue) comes on with ignition
    • Analogue scale back light switched independently from LCD
    • Clock shown in standby mode with ignition off
    • Adjustable wheel circumference for all types of wheels. Setting range 1-3999 mm 
    • Compatible with cable drive / gearbox electric speed sensors and magnet pickups
    • Kilometers or miles 
    • When new, and until odometer reaches 18 miles / 30km the odometer can be edited to enter reading from a previous speedometer
    • Maintenance reminder
    • Water resistant, vibration and shockproof ( 8G vibration , shock 100G tested )
    • E- certified for ADR Compliance
    • ACE-IHY mounting bracket included
    • Cables harness tails to solder into the bike included


    • Bezel (top ring) 100mm, outer diameter (chrome plastic) / 95mm outer diameter
    • Sleeve 95mm outer diameter 
    • Total depth 47mm
    • Visible depth if panel mounted 10mm
    • Hole 85mm diameter for panel mounting