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Q: Is Maxinc a South African Company in South Africa?
A: YES! 
Q: Do you have a physical store I can collect from?
A: No. Maxinc is an online store only. Orders are shipped daily, there is no pick up option.
Q: How long will it take to get the stuff I ordered?
A: Normally between 24-72 Hours, we can arrange for faster shipment should you require. 
Q: I own a custom bike shop, will i get a discount if I order in bulk?
A: Yes, we can offer dealer discounts for Max-Inc manufactured products. Get in touch to chat -
Q: Can I pay using a Credit Card
A: YES. We offer PayFast as a payment option. With PayFast you can pay with your credit card, debit card or make an instant EFT.
Q: Is the stuff manufactured in SA?
A: No. Our goods are manufactured in China, Thailand, USA, UK, Japan and Australia. 
 Q: Are the Producs OEM products?
A: No! Our products are aftermarket products mostly designed as universal fitting products.
 Q:Will the products fit on my bike or car 100%
A: Possibly, but remember these are aftermarket styling products for guys who modify and build bikes. Normally some modifications may be needed. A Universal product is a product that will work on any bike, you just need to make it work. All our items have great descriptions and even dimensions, so please read the descriptions carefully before you purchase.
 Q: Are the products good quality?
A: Absolutely, we believe for the price there is nothing better out there. In order to keep the prices down we can't use the exact same materials as OEM or Japanese parts, but then again OEM parts are extremely overpriced. We cater for those who want a balance of quality and price.

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