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Acewell 2853 Motorcycle Retro Style Speedo

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Acewell 2853 Motorcycle Retro Style Speedo / Computer

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This Speedo is a perfect replacement for motorcycle brand speedo's that could cost you a small fortune!! The unit is designed to be fully universal. It can can be fitted to virtually any bike, quad, kit car or racing lawn mower!! It provides a legal speedo, odometer and trip meter readout (km/h or MPH) together with a clock feature. LED indications give you left indicator, right indicator, full beam and neutral.

The panel display gives you the tacho scale at the top, 1st row display offers you the speedometer, and various mode functions are in the 2nd row display. It also has a reset button and mode button for easy navigation.

It also features a fuel gauge. The fuel sender must be 100ohm. If you do not have a fuel sender, you can purchase an Acewell ACE-TS, or you can choose not to connect the fuel sender.

Includes analog and digital tacho, speedo (300km/h max), trip meter, odometer, clock, average speedo, maximum speedo, riding timer and cumulative riding timer.
LCD has two rows of digital and one analog bar-graphic tacho displays with blue LED backlight.
Odometer and cumulative riding timer measurements are stored in memory even when the power is off.
Adjustable wheel circumference suitable for all kinds of wheels: setting range of 1-3999 mm setting.
MPH and KPH switchable.
Waterproof Design.

  • Multi-functional LCD MOTORCYCLE computer includes analogue and digital tachometer, speedometer and clock.
  • Computer built-in 4 to 6 LED lights for different purpose indicators.
  • LCD has 2 rows digital and analogue rpm bar-graphic displays with blue LEDs backlight.
  • Odometer and total riding timer are stored in memory, even when the power is off.
  • Displays clock even when other functions is off.
  • Wide wheel circumference setting rang: 1-3999mm.
  • Includes hall-effect speed sensor, magnet kits and wiring harness.
  • Vibration (8G) and mechanical shock (100G) tested.
  • Water resistant tested 100%.
  • EMI/EMS tested, E mark certificate.
  • ABS Housing
Bar graphic speed meter   12,000 rpm
Digital Tachometer & Warning RPM 100-19,900 rpm, 100rpm increment
Speed Meter   2.4-300 km/h (187.5 M/H)
Trip Meter TRIP 0.00-9999.99 KM/Miles
Odometer ODO 0.0 - 99999.9 KM, 0.0-62499.9 Miles
Maximum Speed MAX 2.4-300.0 KM/h (187.5 M/h),
Average Speed AVG 2.4-300.0 KM/h (187.5 M/h),
12/24 Hour Clock   0:00’00” – 11H59’59”/23H59’59”
Riding Timer RT 0-99H59`59``
Total Riding Timer TT 0-9999H59’,
DC 12V
Speed Sensor Reed Switch & Magnet
Tachometer input CDI or Sparking Plug signal
Wheelcircumference setting 1mm-3999mm (1mm increment)
Dimensions Φ64mm x 40 mm

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